'The Bachelor' season 20 news: Ben to pick between two women he loves


Ben Higgins from “The Bachelor” is left with just a few more days to finally pick his bachelorette, after sending one of the ladies home in the episode last Monday.

In episode 9 of “The Bachelor” season 20, Higgins went to a trip to Jamaica with the three remaining ladies, Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher, Lauren Bushnell, and Caila Quinn. They all spent a romantic afternoon on separate dates, with everyone having enjoyable moments except for Quinn, who had tense moments.

In the evening, Quinn confessed to Higgins that she is in love with him. The bachelor did not say the same, but responded with a smile.

It was a different case when Bushnell and Higgins spent the night at the Fantasy Suite. When Bushnell admitted her feelings for Higgins, the latter also admitted that he had been feeling the same for some time now. They repeatedly assured each other of the mutual feelings until their last few moments together.

Surprisingly, Higgins also confessed his mutual feelings for Fletcher, when she opened up about how she felt. They also discussed her overprotective brothers, but Fletcher assured him that there will not be a problem with him.

During the rose ceremony, it is no surprise that Quinn was sent home, as Higgins did not have the same feelings for her. On the other hand, Quinn clearly loved the bachelor, as she was in tears as they parted ways.

Higgins is now left to choose between the two women that he loves. Will he pick Fletcher or Bushnell in the end? In the previous forecast of Reality Steve, the report indicated that Higgins will pick Bushnell. However, as he said “I love you” to two women, what will happen to the other?

According to Us Weekly, a source revealed that Higgins regretted professing his love for both, as he needed to send home one of them in the end. Nonetheless, the bachelor said that those were not just words and that he meant them.

“The Bachelor” season 20 airs “The Women Tell All” on Mar. 7 at 8 P.M. EST on ABC.