'The Bachelor' season 20 spoilers: Ben brings final three ladies to Jamaica where contestants pledge their love for him


“The Bachelor” season 20 is already coming to a close but before that, the show is treating fans to a thrilling episode airing tonight.

Titled “Week 9,” viewers will see Bachelor Ben down to three ladies Lauren, Caila and Jojo. Spoilers suggest that the in upcoming episode, Ben will tell two women from the remaining pool that he loves them. This follows Ben and the three girls going on overnight dates in Jamaica. E! Online reports that while the Bachelor only said the magic words to two ladies, all three of them will be uttering “I love you” to him. This may not seem impossible given the premise of the show but media personality and former Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowski does not buy it.

“I can say that EVERY person I’ve ever talked to on the show has told me that they weren’t really in love on the show, they just thought they were in the moment. They were in lust! Heck, even the married couples from the show say that,” Ali wrote on her blog.

Fedotowsky, who has been “The Bachelorette” back in 2010, got engaged to the last remaining man on the show, Roberto Martinez. However, they eventually split in 2011. Now, she is engaged to radio personality Kevin Manno and is already expecting their first child together. 

“After the show is over they will even say they loved him, but ask them six months from now and the answer is always the same with every contestant they’ll say they weren’t REALLY in love. Not yet at least. And this isn’t meant as a dig at the show. The show is amazing and the feelings they express at the time are real,” the 31-year-old further explained her case.

Furthermore, contestants saying “I love you” is not exactly new in the show, what is different this time is Ben actually replying, which is considered a huge no-no unless it is already down to one lady so as to not cause backlash for leading the contestants.

Find out who Ben picks when “The Bachelor” airs tonight, 8 P.M. on ABC.