'The Bachelor' season 20 finale: Ben brings Jojo and Lauren to final separate dates before Final Rose Ceremony


After 10 weeks of vigorously tuning in to the current season of “The Bachelor,” Ben Higgins will now be ready to choose between the remaining ladies in the race. Down to just Jojo Fletcher, a real estate agent from Dallas, Texas and Lauren Bushnell, a flight attendant from West Linn, Oregon, Ben was reported to have a hard time and even had a break down just before they filmed the Final Rose Ceremony.

TV Guide recently published a report that suggests that the first part of the final episode airing tonight will feature the Bachelor’s parents again. This time, however, Ben will be bringing the two ladies to meet both his mom and dad. Furthermore, he will also be taking Jojo and Lauren to their final separate dates. But while these last moments are supposed to help him pick the best option for him, rumor has it that it will only make him more confused.

In the second half of the show, Ben will be sitting with the show’s host, Chris Harrison, where he will recount all his favorite moments during his stint as the current Bachelor. Jojo and Lauren will also have their time to speak up regarding the show’s results.

A teaser clip for the season finale was recently released by ABC via its official website where Ben is shown having a hard time picking between the two remaining girls.

“Being in love with two women, it’s tearing me apart,” he said.

“I can feel my mind in two different places, my heart in two different places… I’m lost. I’m a lost man right now.” He tearfully goes on, “I have to say goodbye to a woman who doesn’t deserve it… and I’m confused about that,” he continued.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that right after the back to back special tonight, the official announcement on the next Bachelorette will also be revealed.

Find out who Ben will ultimately choose in “The Bachelor’s” season finale airing tonight on ABC.