'The Bachelor' 2017 update: Creator Mike Fleiss' clues point to Luke Pell


With the conclusion of the last season, fans are now talking about who should be “The Bachelor” 2017. The top contender among fans is Luke Pell.

Pell is one of the top names being speculated to star in “The Bachelor” 2017, Ecumenical News reported. The fan-favorite of “The Bachelorette” 2016 previously revealed that after being heartbroken by JoJo Fletcher, who ended up with Jordan Rodgers, he is ready to love again.

It is speculated that the series creator Mike Fleiss may have picked up and liked Pell’s spirit. Fueling the rumors is the creator’s recent tweet with a clue as to who the next “The Bachelor” 2017 is.

“He’s very handsome!” reads the post, and that “he likes sunrises more than sunsets.”

While this may seem vague, dedicated fans rummaged through Pell’s Instagram account and found an image of the sunrise.

If he is indeed the next bachelor who Fleiss is referring to, the creator may have seen the post from earlier this year for him to provide that clue.

Fleiss regularly posts clues on his Twitter account, but fans are still stumped. Some of his clues include “The Beatles,” “Omaha,” and others.

According to Rickey, fans believe that the Omaha clue points to Pell. The logic behind this thinking is that the Omaha beach indicates the military, which he was previously a part of. The viewers also think that the first clue leads to Luke because the band had four members, and he finished in fourth place in this year’s “The Bachelorette.”

There seem to be plenty of fans who are convinced that Pell is the next bachelor, but nothing can be revealed for the moment. As Fleiss puts it, “some official announcements are worth the wait…”

Fans can tune in to the creator’s official Twitter account (@fleissmeister), where “The Bachelor” 2017 star will be announced.