'The Bachelor 2016' news: Ben and Lauren reveal their future plans together; couple back in Ben's hometown in Indiana


Ben Higgins is ready to move on and forget the emotional breakdown he experienced during “The Bachelor’s” Final Rose Ceremony by planning his upcoming wedding with Lauren Bushnell.

It can be remembered that in the show’s season finale which aired just over a week ago, Ben was torn between Lauren and Jojo – the two ladies left from a pool of 28. In the end, he handed the last rose to Lauren and now the couple is trying to put everything behind them and focus only on their future together.

Ben and Lauren sat down with People and opened up about what makes them most excited now that they have officially announced their relationship and engagment.

“I’m just excited to grocery shopping together,” Lauren chimed, while Ben added “I want to hold her hand in public. And I’m excited to work on our house together.”

Seemingly normal things for a couple who has been in the public’s eye since the start of this year’s “The Bachelor,” but the two had to keep their relationship in secret for quite some time even admitting that the show had to put them in private houses together around California to prevent them from being spotted together. Given that, it comes as no surprise that Ben wants to get through the wedding but also not so much that he would rush things over.

“I want a huge reception. How often in life do all your friends and family gather in one room to celebrate something? Why get married tomorrow if we can plan a big a** party?” Ben said referencing his decision to decline host Chris Harrison’s offer to marry right after the season finale.

Now that the cameras are no longer around to follow them, Ben and Lauren seem to be doing just fine. They were recently spotted on a date night watching “Lion King” in Broadway. Ben also updated his official Instgram account with a photo of his fiance back in his hometown in Indiana.