'The Americans' season 4 spoilers: newest installment will be the show's last


“The Americans” opened season 5 with a huge bang picking up almost where season 3 ended but with more risk this time.

In last week’s episode titled “Glander,” Elizabeth (Kerri Russel) and Phillip (Matthew Rhys) were sent on a mission to retrieve a deadly pathogen far more dangerous than the Bubonic Plague. The two even had to get some vaccines before they were able to transport the aforementioned virus.

Unfortunately, Stan suddenly confronted Philip on the assumption that he was reconciling with his ex-wife, Sarah, even before Philip removed the bottle in his pocket with the virus without Stan knowing. The latter then slammed Philip on the wall. Fortunately, the bottle was unbroken but the episode ended with the Philip examining the vial. Design and Trend speculated that the last shot may be hinting on the complications that the contents of the bottle can bring if it accidentally spreads.

Given how the show depicted the pathogen, there is a possibility that it might bring an Apocalyptic like effect to the world if not handled with care. With this, fans are starting to wonder if this signals the start of the end of the show which showrunner Joel Fields discussed during his recent sit down with Collider.

“From the beginning, Joe and I have talked about the endpoint, with a lot of concrete ideas, but knowing that any of that may shift, as we go along. I think it’s safe to say that, if a TV series is a big three-act story, this fourth season will close the second act of that and will lead us into our third and final act,” he explained.

“How long that goes is really a question for us, creatively. The network is very supportive and has made it clear that it’s not a question of business, it’s a question of creativity,” he added.

The show continues this week with an episode titled “Pastor Tim,” where Philip will try to get rid of the deadly substance from their family’s possession. On top of that, he will also deal with family drama reaching its tipping point, after Paige (Holly Taylor) decides to share a secret of her own.

“The Americans” airs Wednesday nights on FX.