'The Affair' series news: Alison and Cole to rekindle romance on season three?


Based on the events on the current storyline of “The Affair,” it seems that Alison (Ruth Wilson) is setting her sights on her former husband Cole (Joshua Jackson) now that she and Noah (Dominic West) have called it quits, according to Ecumenical News.

If the speculation that Alison is drawing a bead on having Cole back in her life turns out to be true, will Cole take her back after all of the pain that she put him through? Will he allow his marriage to Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno) be ruined by his ex-wife? Will season three take on the proverb “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”?

These questions are some of the most commonly asked by the fans of the show who can only speculate as to how the story will unfold once the drama series returns.

On the last episode of the series, Noah admitted to a crime that he didn’t commit just to avert Helen or Alison’s jailing. In fact, Helen was the driver of the car that hit Scotty (Colin Donnell) and caused his demise. Hence, viewers can expect season three to feature Noah’s jail term and his getting close to Helen once more. Day Herald opined that a reconciliation between the two seems to be underway, much more that Noah already learned in the midseason finale that he is not the father of Alison’s child, Joannie.

As to who the real father of Alison’s baby is, everything is still a guessing game. E! Online opined that with Alison’s secrets now being slowly revealed, the choices are now limited to Cole and his brother Scotty.

Oscar’s (Darren Goldstein) revelation about Alison and Scotty having an argument about “their baby” the night the latter died is a clear indication that the two had an affair at one point in the past, the website said. 

However, more viewers are inclined to believe that the father of the baby is actually Cole. They say that Scotty saying the words “our baby” is only a way of stressing that Joannie is a Lockhart.

If it turns out that Cole is, indeed, the father of the child, how will he take it? Will this bolster the possibility of a reconciliation between him and Alison, much more that the latter seems to show that she wants him back in her life? If Cole reconciles with Alison eventually, what will become of his new bride?

Viewers may have to wait for some months before the answers to these questions can be revealed as “The Affair” season three is rumored to return this fall.