'The Affair' season 3 spoilers: Show to have a darker tone; to tackle different stage of love affair


The upcoming season of “The Affair” will level up its storytelling by featuring a darker and grittier story when it returns in fall.

The show will also be representing a different stage of the love affair and is expected to capitalize on the stories already established in the first two seasons.

“What we had always said when we started the show was that each season was going to represent a different stage in a love affair. The first season is the crush, the melodrama. And then the second season was always supposed to be darker. It’s what happens when the blush is off the rose, when people doubt each other, when they start to get obsessed with each other. And the third season changes again. I don’t think [the show] quite pays off until the third season,” show creator Sara Treem explained in an Elle interview.

The Golden Globe award winning show will pick up from the events of the finale wherein Noah took the rap for the murder of Scotty after he was hit by a car being driven at the time by Helen.

It was revealed during the episode that before Scotty was hit by the car, he was arguing with Allison which led to her pushing him towards the road because he tried to rape her.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Maura Tierney, who plays Helen in the show, the award winning actress expressed excitement over the development of her character in the series.

“I think of her as a woman struggling to handle a very difficult situation. I think she doesn’t know how to gracefully handle all of this bad stuff. I don’t think she’s consciously trying to be graceful, but I want her to achieve that because I think that shows a lot of integrity if you can handle tough times with a certain amount of equanimity,” she said.