'The Affair' season 3 rumor: wWill Noah and Alison end their affair? show may explore consequences of Noah's 'murder case'


“The Affair” will be returning for season 3, most likely centered on the consequences and events after the court found out Scotty’s (Colin Donnel) killer.

In the episode finale of season 2, Noah (Dominic West) took the blame for Scotty’s death. Fans know that Noah took that step just to save Alison (Ruth Wilson) and Helen (Maura Tierney) from getting a court sentence.

However, if fans can remember, it all started when Alison confessed that Joanie may not be Noah’s. Out of frustration, Noah found refuge in a bar, where he was reunited with his former wife Helen. Later on, Helen, who was drunk at that time, still took the driver’s seat as Noah had very clouded thoughts. As they somehow reminisced their past, Helen got distracted and accidentally hit a person, who turned out to be Scotty.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the road, it was Alison who pushed Scotty to the road in self-defense, as the latter has been persistent in his advances. Nonetheless, Noah took the blame to cover up for both Alison and Helen.

At the moment, no details have been revealed in the storyline of the upcoming season. However, there are rumors that Alison and Noah may end their affair in season 3. If this happens, this may lead to Helen and Noah being reunited once again.

On the other hand, although Cole (Joshua Jackson) is already married to Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno), there are speculations that he still nurses affection for Alison, especially after hearing that Joanie might be his. There are rumors that he may try to find out the truth, but will he and Alison reunite afterwards?

It is still unclear if season 3 will follow this storyline. It needs to be noted, however, that if it does, there will no longer be an “affair” in the plot and will veer away from its title. Still, the showrunners will most likely brew some plots that will continue to keep its fans glued to the show.

As for other rumors, season 3 may show Noah’s fate, which may include imprisonment, after the confession. The story may explore how this will affect his relationship with Helen and Alison, as well as both women with each other.

No date has been pinned down for the premiere of “The Affair” season 3. It is possible for the third installment to follow the schedule of the first two seasons, which aired around October of the year.