'The Affair' season 3 news: Will Helen and Noah get back together? Tierney, costume designer bring fans to the costume closet of the show


At this point, it still seems a bit too early to speculate on what could happen on Showtime’s “The Affair” when it comes back for its third season. However, this does not stop fans from continuously rummaging through online websites in the hopes of finding possible scenarios for the series.

When the show ended its second season, viewers are left hanging when Noah (Dominic West) took the blame for the road accident that eventually killed Scotty (Colin Donnel) when it was actually Helen (Maura Tierney) behind the wheel. This proved that despite Noah leaving his family and Helen for his mistress, Alison (Ruth Wilson), he still thought highly of his former wife especially when she was the only one who stood by his side when he was having a hard time.

Given the situation, Noah and Helen reconciling may not be all that impossible as Alison and Noah are having problems of their own all season long.

Meanwhile, veteran actress Maura Tierney recently took fans of the show to a costume trailer sneak peak. In an exclusive video by Entertainment Weekly, Tierney was joined by the show’s costume designer Caroline Duncan through racks and racks of clothes tagged for specific characters.

Tierney said, “It matters to me a lot what I’m wearing. It informs me as an actor.”

The amount of time and logic put into choosing who wears what is as detailed as penning the next episode as it is also part of telling the story. Last season, by the time Noah left Helen, she was mostly seen in her sweats and pajamas. However, as the character continued to move on, she started to wear better outfits.

“What happens to her when she’s wearing this is that her life gets shredded. She goes to the hospital where her child has every possible kind of liquid spew out of him and he’s flailing in front of her, yet she stays pristine and clean in this white, sterile blouse in the sterile white environment,” Duncan explained.