'The Affair' season 3 air date, spoilers: story to have a time jump


Fans can finally mark down their calendar for season 3 of thriller-drama “The Affair” with Showtime recently announcing that it will premiere on Sunday, Nov. 20 at 10 P.M. ET. The series takes over the usual time slot of “Masters of Sex.”

According to reports, the upcoming new installment is deemed to continue the storyline of Scotty’s death and who really killed him. Although Noah (Dominic West) took the fall, it turns out that the situation is actually more complicated as revealed in the last part of season 2. Noah’s fiance Alison (Ruth Wilson) was the one who pushed Scotty into the street, while Helen (Maura Tierney) was the one driving the car that ran into him.

Talking to Hollywood Life, executive producer Anya Epstein said that instead of picking up on the day that Noah goes to jail, the narrative will skip ahead of time, “There is definitely a time jump. It also jumps around as it gets going. You’re going to see the beginning and then you’re seeing some time before that. We’re experimenting a little bit more this season.”

She also teased that from having only two point of views (Alison and Noah’s) to four points of views with addition of Cole and Helen’s, the new season may include a fifth, “Maybe we might be adding someone.”

Moreover, the showrunner confirmed that Cole will find out Alison’s baby is his. Actor Joshua Jackson who plays the role of Cole hinted to the news outlet that, “This is a relationship question. That was very early; they weren’t really in a relationship yet. Is that the type of thing you bring up because it’s an explosive situation? Or do you just let sleeping dogs lie? Clearly, he should have just come clean, but yeah that’s going to end badly for everybody.”

Meanwhile, Josh Stamburg shared that he would love to see his character Max getting his own perspective, even possibly getting back together with Alison and working with the Lockharts. “There would be a world where he could get into business with Cole’s family somehow, in the Hamptons, buying real estate, something. I don’t know how it’d work,” he mused.