'The Affair' season 3 news: Helen, Noah to rekindle their relationship? New installment may have lighter moments alongside more troubles


Rumors have it that when the upcoming third season of drama series “The Affair,” premieres, fans will find out what happens next to lead characters Dominic West’s Noah, his girlfriend Alison (Ruth Wilson), and ex-wife Helen (Maura Tierney).

The person who killed Scotty Lockhart has been the overarching mystery throughout season 2 as it was pushed into the back seat for sometime when the narrative focused on relationship problems between Alison and Noah. However, in the shocking finale, it was revealed that the three of them somehow contributed to his demise. Still, Noah took all the blame and was sentenced to prison.

Viewers are said to be wondering what will happen to the New York-based writer and where Alison will go next. Moreover, as Noah took the downfall, it is predicted that Helen may feel guilty, and her possible actions may result to the former couple rekindling their relationship.

According to actor Joshua Jackson who portrays Cole Lockhart, the next installment will show the aftermath of Scotty’s death. However, it will not be all gloomy and sad. He shared that there may be some lighter moments to presumably veer away from the heavy drama brought on by all the lies and cheating that ensued in season 2.

Executive producer Sarah Treem also previously hinted the same as she has been quoted by Elle Magazine saying that the tone of each season differs from the other, “I think the second season is going to be darker in tone, and tighter. And the third season changes again. I will be sad if we don’t get a third because I don’t think it quite pays off until the third season.”

However, show followers should also expect more troubles as hinted by a new promotional image depicting two of the stars and the words that read, “New Year, New Troubles.”

Season 2 of “The Affair” is currently being aired on Showtime’s website, while season 3 may be released sometime this year.