'The Affair' season 2, episode 6 spoilers: Noah and Helen panic after son Martin falls ill


The Affair” season 2 continues the story of Alison and Noah after they embark in a full-blown affair following their meeting in the resort town of Monatuk in Long Island.

Noah Solloway played by Dominic West and Alison Bailey played by Ruth Wilson are a couple who embark on an extra marital affair after having a brief encounter in Montauk. Noah is a New York City school teacher and author who is in search of inspiration for his new book. He is married to Helen with whom he has four children. Noah is content with his marriage but is constantly looking for ways to be financially independent from his wealthy father-in-law. Alison on the other hand is a waitress and wife who is struggling with the death of her child with husband Cole.

In episode 5 of season 2, wife and mistress meet as Alison ends up on Helen’s doorstep looking for Noah. Originally thinking that Noah was there looking after his son, Alison is welcomed by Helen who opened up the door making it the first formal interaction of wife and mistress.

In the next episode, Noah and Helen’s teenage son, Martin, played by Jake Richard Siciliano, continues to complain about stomach ache while his grandma, Margaret, played by actress Kathleen Chalfant, brushes it off, downplaying the boy’s grievances. As the show progresses, it turns out that Martin is actually suffering from a serious illness. The situation causes Noah and Helen to panic and offers a new perspective on the divorce proceedings between the ex-couple. 

Meanwhile, Alison finally gets to talk to Noah after six weeks of not seeing him. Noah informs her that his divorce with Helen is finalized and that she can come back and live with him again. However, Alison was a bit skittish about the prospect of getting back together with him and she chooses to stay with her mom instead. Noah tries to woo back Alison explaing that the only reason he needed to stay away from her was because there was restraining court order restraining her from seeing his kids. He also explained the dynamics of the custody battle that he is under with Helen.