'The 100' season 4 air date news, spoilers: The CW finally reveals Feb. 21 premiere date


Fans have been excitedly yet patiently waiting for The CW to announce the premiere date of the fourth season of their post-apocalyptic science fiction TV series “The 100.” However, when the TV network announced that it will air on Wednesday, Feb. 1, of the following year, fans are hungrier than ever for any update or spoilers about “The 100” season 4.

As in the previous season, Clarke, portrayed by Eliza Taylor, will be facing bigger problems other than her pesonal life. As a leader, it will be her ultimate task to save her people from the oncoming apocalypse. In her attempt to do so, she would be faced with a difficult decision on whether or not she should let everyone else know about the nuclear threat.

Speculations have also been circulating regarding Clarke’s possible love interest for season 4. Last season, the commander of the grounders and Clarke’s love interest Lexa, portrayed by Alycia Debnam-Carey, died. With her death, rumors about season 4 is surrounded on the possibility of introducing a new character that will possibly play an important part in Clarke’s life. News Everyday has reported that it is also possible that Clarke’s new love interest this season will be someone she already knows.

The cast has also been upgraded with the promotion of the character of Roan, portrayed by actor Zack McGowan, to series regular in “The 100” season 4. Luna, played by actress Nadia Hilker, will also be making a comeback.

According to Blastr, Luna will be so much stronger than Lexa, and this season will be about proving that strength. GameNGuide also reported that Luna will be in close ties with Murphy, portrayed by Richard Harmon. However, she will remain doubtful about trusting him and the rest of the team. A possible romance could blossom between the two as Murphy tries to solicit her help in ensuring the survival of the Skaikru and Trikru from the second apocalypse.

The cast and crew of “The 100” season 4 is already working hard in production for the TV series.