The 100 season 3 spoilers: show creator says Bellamy and Clarke romance 'will happen'


After ending a long hiatus, The 100 is back with Season 3, and the upcoming season is set to concentrate on Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship.

Season 2 of the series ended with Clarke saying goodbye to the camp out of sheer shame over what she had done to the Mountain Men. Despite Bellamy’s best efforts to convince her to stay, Clarke left the camp, forcing Bellamy to take over as the commander of the Sky people.

The next season will hopefully see the two lead characters get together, and Season 3 will also show how Bellamy will become a better leader to the Sky people.

Speaking to E! News in an interview show creator Jason Rothenberg said: “It’s clear to me that these two people have come to need each other and respect each other and love each other on some pretty deep level. Obviously it’s not romantic, certainly for Clarke anyway, and it’s never been vocalised that it is for Bellamy either. You could read as much as you want in their body language and their eyes, but that’s something that is being put off again as a result of Clarke’s walkabout.”

“He was hoping that they’d finally be able to now come home and have some sort of normalcy. They’ve made it! They’re back! ‘Let’s go have a drink,’ he says, before he realizes she’s not coming,” added Rothenberg about Clarke leaving the camp.

However, Rothenberg later added saying that there is chance of possible romance between the two.

“If it makes sense at some point, it will happen. If people really want it right now, the Bellamy/Clarke thing, I highly, highly recommend that they read the books. It’s in the books! It’s a very tense part of the books,” he said.

Season 3 of The 100 will premiere some time early in 2016.