'The 100' season 3 spoilers: Eliza Taylor talks about Clarke's challenges in the future


With the season 3 finale of “The 100” just a couple of days away, fans are expecting an epic ending for the season.

The upcoming finale of the hit series “The 100” is expected to set up an interesting storyline for the fourth season. The previous episode of “The 100” showed some dark themes, as it put several characters in difficult situations.

According to IGN, Eliza Taylor, who plays the role of Clarke, was able share some details about what her character will be up to when season 3 concludes this week. She explained that since Ontari was no longer able to help them, she will be faced with several challenges in the upcoming episode.

She also said that she is excited for fans to see the upcoming episode. Taylor stated, “I’m really excited for people to see the finale. I’ve been saying that for a long time now. Since we shot it, I just feel like it’s one of the best episodes. I haven’t seen it myself yet but it’s very interesting and complicated and I think fans are going to be happy. Yes. There is trouble coming from every which way but hopefully Clarke’s got this.”

Meanwhile, fans are also curious to know just how her character’s love interest, played by Alycia Debnam-Carey, will fare in the finale of “The 100” season 3. Her character, Lexa, died in a previous episode. While Taylor did not reveal details about how she will return, she teased, “I’m sure people can gather how she’s in the finale but I really do not want to spoil that one to any extent. What I’m very happy about is how important that is for other people and fans to see the two of us together again. It’s going to be a pretty unexpected way.”

“The 100” season 3 finale airs this May 19 on The CW at 9 p.m. EDT.