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The CW is yet to premiere the third season of its hit TV series The 100 but it appears production has already had everything laid out for the entire run.

According to the International Business Times (IB Times), creator and executive producer Jason Rothenberg told a fan in Twitter that the path for The 100’s third season has already been “mapped out.”

A fan had posted a question on Twitter asking Rothenberg “how far into future seasons” does the production plan for The 100, and if the ending for Season 3 has already been decided. Rothenberg responded, telling the fan that the ending has been “[a]ll mapped out.”

The producer also told another fan in a separate Tweet that Clarke, who left Bellamy to go on a journey at the end of the second season, will meet “[a]mazing new people” in her travels.

However, Rothenberg said that danger is not that far away from one of the cast’s main members.

“It’s a dangerous world out there, but I think [Clarke] can handle herself,” The 100’s creator said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

With Clarke gone, Rothenberg also said that Bellamy will have to lead his people all by himself after the events of the second season. The producer teased that the character will be given new responsibilities in Camp Jaha, and these responsibilities are the sort that Bellamy has not handled before.

He will not also be able to follow Clarke, either.

“He’s going to have more and more reason to stay there and stay at Camp Jaha as they’re forming this society,” Rothenberg said in an article at Fashion & Style.

Fashion & Style also reported that fans will be able to learn more about A.L.I.E, a holographic woman that Jaha discovered at the end of Season 2.