The 100 season 3 plot includes ghost story in Brazillian space station; Rhiannon Fish to play grounder Ontari


When CW’s post-apocalyptic series “The 100” returns on the small screen for season 3, fans will get to see some paranormal elements alongside the introduction of a new face.

Series creator Jason Rothenberg took to Twitter to tease one of the upcoming installments that will include a ghost. In a correspondence with a fan, he shared “We love Brazil! Just added a ghost story that took place aboard the Brazilian space station to a very scary episode! #the100.”

Although it remains to be seen how they will depict the interesting feature, some speculations suggest that there may be a flashback concerning the Ark or it could also possibly just be a scary tale being told by Sky People to other groups.

Meanwhile cast member Isaiah Washington welcomes newcomer to the show Rhiannon Fish saying, “@RhiannonMFish Welcome to #The100 Your character is a BEAST! Can’t wait for [email protected] to unleash you before our fans & the world. #JahaOut”

According to an exclusive report by The Wrap, the former “Home and Away” actress joins the cast to play the role of Ontari, a young warrior grounder who is described to be fiercely loyal and have trained since birth to have a special skill of deception.

Melty speculates that since her names is closely similar to cold province of Ontario, Canada, fans are assuming that she may be affiliated with the Ice Nation tribe. However, it remains to be seen if this comes to fruition.

Based on the book by Kass Morgan, the third season of The 100 picks up months after the events that took place in “Blood Must Have Blood: Part 2” where Clarke, Bellamy, Monty may be hunted by their actions in Mount Weather while the other members of the Sky People try to get along with the Grounders.

The show will return sometime in the early parts of 2016.