'The 100' season 3 spoilers: Rhiannon Fish cast as Ontari


After the success of the first two seasons, the team behind the television series is gearing up for the third season, with a new character confirmed to join the cast.

Rhiannon Fish, actress from “Home and Away” is confirmed to join The 100 in a recurring role, The Wrap learned exclusively. She will be playing the role of a young warrior named Ontari and is described as loyal but deceptive.

A few hours after the news portal learned about Fish joining the cast, Isaiah Thomas, one of the main characters in the series also confirmed the information through his Twitter account. Thomas, playing the role of Thelonious Jaha in the story, posted on his page the message addressed to the actress as he welcomed Fish, “.@RhiannonMFish Welcome to #The100 Your character is a BEAST! Can’t wait for .@cwthe100 to unleash you before our fans & the world. #JahaOut

At the moment, no concrete details regarding the storyline of her character have been revealed yet. Enstarz guesses that she could be part of the clan from “Ice Nation,” given that her name is like a play on Ontario.

There is also no solid news yet regarding the story of season 3, but it may start off with the scene of Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) leaving her Sky People in the conclusion of season 2. Although it is unclear if she will leave them for good, the in-betweens will surely show lots of tension. One fan asked if Griffin felt bad when she left and Jason Rothenberg, the developer of the show and one of the producers, responded to a fan through his Twitter “Yes. It crushes her. But she had no choice. Some of her friends may have a hard time forgiving her for this,” notes Melty.

The 100 is an American science fiction and action television series that narrates the story of a team living on space stations after the nuclear devastation that happened around a century ago. As their resources deplete, the survivors assigned a quest to “The 100” to see if Earth is habitable. However, as they try to set up a temporary home, the team learned that there were survivors in the past who have evolved into dangerous creatures. The show is based on a novel trilogy with the same title by Kass Morgan.

The first season of The 100 initially premiered March last year, followed by a sophomore show in October last year. The 100 season 3 is expected to air early 2016.