'The 100' season 3 news: New official soundtrack now available


The CW’s hit post-apocalyptic drama “The 100” have returned for its third season, and the show brought with it quite a number of significant changesmany have died, while some have returned, and characters have changed in appearances as well.

Along with these, one more notable change is the introduction of an all new style of musical scoring through the new musical composer of the show, Tree Adams.

Adams made his first piece for the show this season, and it was revealed by series executive producer Jason Rothenberg that they approached Adams so that the show will have a more “cinematic” approach to it. Getting Adams to do the scoring for the new season, he said, helped amplify the emotion that they want to convey in telling the story of the series.

“His music binds together a vast range of conflicts, characters, relationships, and settings to create an effortless and rich experience,” Rothenberg said, reported Entertainment Weekly.

While he did something new and different this season, Adams said that his work is still largely influenced by the music that was laid out in the past two seasons. He added that he would come in to give it a different take to induce a different felling to the fans.

“We keep going back to this idea that we’re going to use the same box of crayons,” Adams said. “But we are going to try to create a little bit more of a complicated construct to help underscore some of the mythology.”

This, as he said, resulted in a musical score that he can describe as something that is “gritty” and comes in as a “mixture of Mad Max and Middle Earth.”

“The 100: Original Television Soundtrack Season 3” is now available from WaterTower Music and online via iTunes.