The 100 season 3: Creator shares Clarke's new look; More characters added to the cast


Season three of post-apocalyptic drama series, “The 100” may see a possible change in a lead character’s allegiance.

Creator and executive producer Jason Rothenberg took it to Twitter to share the new look of Clarke. He captioned it with, “Sneak peek of Clarke in Season 3. You guys aren’t ready. 2016 isn’t THAT far away. #The100 #the100S3 @MisElizaJane.”

The image sparked assumptions among fans that the character played by Eliza Taylor may have joined another clan presumably The Grounders as her hairstyle and face paint have a striking similarity with them. While others believe that she maybe on an undercover mission hence the disguise.

Viewers will remember from season two that Clarke walked away from Camp Jaha after their successful massacre in Mount Weather. Some speculate that it was because she is driven with guilt and trauma in killing the Weathermen while it can also be a result of the betrayal she has experienced from Lexa, a grounder and her love interest.

During their battle against Mountain Men, Lexa deceived her and the Sky people.

Although no official words from the show have been mentioned, the 25-year old actress stated during this year’s Comic-con, her character may not handle her situation well and admitted that her running away is “very un-Clarke-like.”

Reports claim that she will go a little bit crazy as she heads to Polis when the show returns with a time jump for several months. Due to her absence, Bellamy may step in as the new leader.

When it comes to new faces making their debut to the series, confirmed ones are Brenda Song as Queen Nia of the Ice Nation, Michael Beach as Pike, an Arker, and Zach McGowan as rogue Grounder Roan.

For those wondering if Lexa will have a comeback, Ecumenical News notes that it may be rife as the actress who portrays her Alycia Debnam-Carey, is part of “Fear the Walking Dead” main cast.

Season three will have 16 episodes but no exact date has been announced yet for the premiere.