Tesla Model X price, release date: Car may be released later in the year; enhanced acceleration with 'Ludicrous Mode'


When Tesla held a conference last week, some car enthusiasts hoped that they were finally learning the release date and price for its much awaited crossover SUV, Model X.

While chief executive officer Elon Musk did not talk about the release, he shared some exciting specifications that may delight consumers.

According to Product Reviews, Musk said that the car will have its range extended to Ludicrous Mode. This means that using the enhanced acceleration it will only take 3.3 seconds for the vehicle to go from 0 mph to 60 mph, making the high range closer to Tesla Motors 85D. Tesla will also offer a new 90kWh battery pack for only $3,000.

Described on its official website as a crossover of SUV and sports car with its seven-seater capacity and great performance, the vehicle will be powered by two digitally controlled motors and will feature Falcon wing rear doors for easier access to the back passenger seats.

It is also said to offer all-wheel drive and may have an electric range of up to 300 miles. The vehicle may also contain a large entertainment screen which is the same as the ones in Model S.

No price has been announced yet but the company has a reservation option which requires $5,000 as reservation payment.

Some rumors speculate that Model X has to be released sometime this year in order for Tesla to meet its annual goal of delivering 55,000 cars.

The prototype was first announced back in 2012 and was set for production for 2013. The delay was reportedly due to Musk’s intention of ensuring that the key features and functions of the vehicle are in optimal capacity.

The CEO has been quoted saying that Model X is “hard to engineer and it’s hard to produce” but the company has slowly accepted reservations earlier this year for 20,000 units.