Tesla Model 3 release date: Upcoming EV to hit Asian markets first in 2017?


Electronic vehicle (EV) manufacturer, Tesla recently unveiled their latest offering known as the Model 3 or recognized by some as the BlueStar. As of late, rumors have been getting rife that Asian consumers will be the first to get a hold of the latest electric-powered car.

In addition, it is also said that after the next-generation electric vehicle has been rolled out in the Asian market, Tesla will then dish out the upcoming Model 3 car to U.S. soil.

However, this speculation has been debunked by some automotive analysts saying that the report may well seem to be highly unlikely since the company is based in the United States, including its employees, so such claims would be illogical.

Furthermore, car aficionados have also pointed out that most of the car maker’s employees have pre-ordered the upcoming ride in which some of them are on the preference list, not to mention that the initial wave of units will be rolled out in California sometime next year.

Reports also suggest that as early as the first half of the year, Tesla had already received almost 400,000 reservations, making it the company’s most anticipated vehicle eventually toppling previous offerings such as the Model S and their SUV which is the Model X.

Moreover, Tesla also claims that the upcoming EV will be reaching speeds of at least 100 kilometers per hour (km/h) in just six seconds and can go as far as a little over than 200 miles with a single charge which is said to be pretty good and comparable to other Tesla vehicles.

Meanwhile, reports also say that the new Model 3 will have a base price tag of $35,000, which will be reduced after tax incentives are factored in.

Tesla, on the other hand, has yet to confirm when will they release their eco-friendly vehicle. Nonetheless, it is presumed that the next-generation vehicle might see the light of day in 2017.