Tesla Model 3 release date, specs, price: first deliveries to begin late 2017; naysayers looking for flaws


Energy storage company and now electric vehicle maker Tesla are as of late taking pre-orders for their upcoming eco-friendly car dubbed the Model 3. Currently, the company has reached the 400,000 pre-order mark and based on this trend, it may well seem that the future looks bright for the upcoming electric sedan albeit the advent of other rivals.

However, some car enthusiasts are scrutinizing the upcoming vehicle for some shortcomings it may incur as it is reported that the car will be equipped with so-called “self-driving” abilities. The company, on the other hand, seems to have doused such concerns as they assured these naysayers that the car is completely safe.

Reports also highlighted that certain European countries have tagged Tesla-made vehicles to be road hazards especially the ones that are equipped with the Autopilot feature. This part of the story has worried the company in the event that they introduce the electric-driven auto outside the United States.

Despite, the safety woes among consumers, the number of people who are going green and opted to be behind the wheel of an EV has been noted to be on an uphill trend as it was evident in the aforementioned number of pre-orders for the Model 3.

Moreover, it was also publicized beforehand that a fully charged Model 3 is said to cover at least 215 miles which impressed a lot of consumers, not to mention that it can accelerate easily to at least 60 miles per hour in less than 10 seconds.

Meanwhile, the upcoming green car will be initially priced at $35,000 but could go lower as soon as government incentives set in.

As per the company’s website, deliveries will start during the latter part of the following year as the queue for prospective buyers of Tesla’s latest offering grows by the day.