Tesla Model 3 release date, specs, price: electric car\'s release planned for late 2017


A promotional photo of the Tesla Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 is arguably the most ambitious yet successful all-electric vehicle experiment in the young history of this segment, and judging by how the car is being offered as the new generation and future of vehicles, it certainly looks like Tesla is taking a step in the right direction.

The difference with the Model 3 is that CEO Elon Musk has continuously preached for making the company’s most popular electric car as cheap as possible. But will it be enough to persuade consumers to finally decide to ditch internal combustion engine-based cars?

Tesla is all set to deliver its Model 3 in late 2017 to those who made pre-orders. However, the likeliest scenario is that people will get to see the car on the streets the year after, in 2018 to be exact.

Based on recent speculations, the all-electric vehicle still does not have an officially recognized price, but the website of the Tesla Model 3 says otherwise since it clearly shows the asking price of $35,000 for the base model. Nonetheless and judging by how automakers put a price tag on their newly released vehicles, the initial price disclosure is, for the most part, not the accurate one. Hence, it’s safe to assume that the price could go up once the release date nears. This is very true with the other variants like the one with Autopilot and Supercharger access. The good news though is that the price, whether it’ll increase or not, will still be subjected to government incentives.

As per initial revelations from Tesla, the Model 3 will be capable of a much-improved range of at least 215 miles, making it a more than sufficient vehicle to travel longer distances than usual. Since it is marketed as a compact luxury sedan, it is expected to be able to accommodate a maximum of five people.

With the revolutionary vehicle not expected to roam the streets until 2018, there’s a lot of room for other competing car manufacturers to come up with something that can compete with the Tesla Model 3.