Terminator Genisys release date, plot: Genisys trailer reveals Arnold vs Arnold; Matt Smith may be the major surprise


It seems that nothing is impossible in the Terminator universe.

Based on a report by CinemaBlend, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be squaring off with none other than himself as shown by this recently released trailer of Terminator Genisys, the latest movie in the franchise that started way back in 1984.

In the scene, the older version of the Terminator is seen battling it out with his 1984 counterpart through the magic of CGI while Sarah Connor is trying to convince the cops that they have a mission to save the world.

The movie, which is set for a July 1 release, has television fans abuzz since it first released casting news that included Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke, Spartacus’s Jai Courtney and Dr. Who himself, Matt Smith.

Still, fans are wondering why the infamous fictional doctor has yet to appear in any of the trailers for the movie.

A report by Radio Times even noted that Matt Smith’s character was only listed as part of John Connor’s human resistance.

“We still don’t know anything about his character except that his name is Tim, and he appears to be in the human resistance alongside John Connor (Jason Clarke), Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) and co could this be a smokescreen for a secret key role?” the site speculated.

An earlier report by moviepilot.com hinted that all of the rumors deduced from the spoiler filled poster of Genisys featuring Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, John Connor in robot form, and the Terminator himself sporting some throwback type scars, may be carefully devised to further shroud Matt Smith’s role in secrecy.

According to the article, Matt Smith’s role may actually be the major surprise that the confusing timeline and the misdirection is protecting.

The movie is expected to jumpstart another trilogy after Terminator Salvation by putting Kyle Reese in a different timeline in order to team up with Sarah Connor to prevent the events of Judgement Day with the help of an aging terminator.

The new timeline can potentially rewrite the history of Sarah Connor’s character and introduce new events to the franchise.

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