Teresa Giudice Prison Update Prison Diary inspires full-length book memoir


Life-changing things are happening to Teresa Guidice after her challenging circumstances. The star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey is serving a 15-month mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud sentence in a correctional facility at Danbury in Connecticut.

And since then, people have been wondering about her life behind bars. Recently, she sent over a tweet from prison but today it’s even better for concerned fans as her prison diary has been revealed. From it, a memoir or book project is currently being worked out according to Entertainment Online.

Approaching her sixth month into her prison sentence, her daughter Gia is the one publicly tweeting for her. US Weekly provides excerpts of Guidice’s diary in prison. The journal will serve as the base for her planned memoir. The memoir will also include her growing up years. Her journal entries are quite specific, even including details like disgusting soy burgers and potato salad. Prior to being imprisoned, Teresa was famous for yummy recipe books.

She also writes about going to Mass, concern over a co-prisoner who attacks people in prison, and her tear-filled pride at daughter Gia’s award for perseverance. Her adjustments to her new condition are quite palpable. Teresa has four children and is regularly visited by them with her husband Joe, who is himself slated to serve a 41-month sentence immediately upon Teresa’s release. Joe has an additional sentence for tax fraud charges as well, according to the Christian Post. The Italian-American family became famous in 2009 because of the reality show and is now struggling with this major challenge in the public limelight.

Following Teresa’s imprisonment, Joe and the rest of the family began working on a new show that details their new life together. Bravo is airing this special.