Telsa Model 3 price, specs rumors: Sporting solar roof can be too pricey


Tesla is catching up with the global green movement, as it is already set to acquire SolarCity. The proposed partnership allows SolarCity to integrate solar roofs into Tesla electric vehicles. Sounds simple? Manufacturing the curved glass roof with embedded solar cells would not be that easy. And guess about the price?

The upcoming Tesla electric cars will sport the solar roof. Teasers from reliable sources reveal that it would be expensive for customers, while adapting the use of solar roof may take resources away from the planned innovations for the Tesla Model 3. It therefore defeats the purpose of a cheap electric car and the reputation of Tesla being a great company.

The proposed solar roof of Tesla Model 3 will be composed of a six-inch solar cell. However, there will be no assurance that it will be economical. Cost savings on energy depends on how powerful the solar cells are, and along with that, the kilowatt-generating power on the roof combined. These two must work together.

The company is already planning to set up a solar manufacturing plant in Buffalo, New York. The manufactured solar roofs were said to replace the existing type of roofing materials in the electric vehicles (EV). Obviously, the new replacement which is the solar powered roof is more expensive than the regular ones. Much thought has already been given on this problem if the owner will opt to replace the entire roofing system of his EV with its solar counterpart.

Tesla fans have been hypothesizing about the final price of Tesla Model 3 should solar roofing be used. Until such time, the solar roofs roll out in the market, no one can ever tell how much will the solar roof cost. However, rumors in the social media indicate that Tesla’s solar roof alone will cost approximately $15,000 for a set that can supply 9,000 kilowatt-hours solar energy per year.