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'Tekken 7' release date, news: Gameplay trailer teases Akuma, story mode elements


Bandai Namco recently released a new gameplay trailer for “Tekken 7” during last week’s Golden Joystick Awards, highlighting in-game fights, stunning cinematic scenes and more appearances of Akuma, a crossover character from “Street Fighter.”

The clip shared by Games Radar showcases Akuma in different fighting scenes against other characters. Reports claim that Akuma will have an important role in Mishima family conflict as he attacks Heihachi and Kazuya. His actions are said to be a repayment to Kazumi who happens to be the former’s wife and the latter’s mother.

Some note that the teaser seemingly holds some clues for the story mode of the next installment. In the snippets of the cinematic cut-scenes, players spotted Kazumi sporting a fancy forehead jewel that is believed to be utilized to harness the Devil gene. In addition, there are also shots of a massive city, nuclear warheads, a demon rising out of a volcano, someone rising from a grave and a bunch of ninjas breaking into a house.

Moreover, the footage also reveals the sequences of other characters in the playable roster. These include Asuka, Bryan Fury, Marshall Law, King, Yoshimitsu, Shaheen, Alisa and Josie Rizal, among others. Meanwhile, five more are expected to be added down the line such as Lei Wulong, Roger Jr., Anna Williams, Zafina and Julia Chang.

Speculations suggest that Lei Wulong may come back as one of the first offerings in the downloadable content pack based on game producer Katsuhiro Matsuda’s response to a fan. In a tweet, a player asked him if Lei will be seen in the new title. The executive shared that although there is a chance for him to be part of the game, he explained that the usage of Lei is apparently very low and their effort was not enough.

The developer has yet to schedule a release date for “Tekken 7” but it is expected to arrive in early 2017 across platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Its arcade version has been out in Japan for over a year now.