'Tekken 7' release date: Game could launch on the Xbox One, PC platforms


It seems that “Tekken 7” may be coming to the Xbox One and even on PC, after all.

In a recent report, it was revealed that a fan that had attended the recently held MCM ComicCon in London last week was able to ask a BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment representative about which platforms the non-arcade version of the upcoming “Tekken 7” would be released on. The representative allegedly said that the game would release not only for the PlayStation 4 console but also for the Xbox One and the PC.

So far, the game company has not yet given an official statement regarding the matter.

The console version of the game was previously announced to be finally, following the successful release of “Tekken 7” for the classic arcade platform. However, it was seemingly announced to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

New characters available for the current arcade version include Josie Rizal, an Eskrima fighter from the Philippines; Shaheen, a Saudi Arabian fighter who uses a military fighting style; Lucky Chloe, who uses freestyle dance and acrobatics during combat; Claudio Serafino, an Italian fighter versed in Sirius-Style Purification Sorcery; Gigas, a fighter with a destructive impulse; Katarina Alves, a Brazilian Savate user; and Kazumi Mishima, Kazuya’s mother, as the final boss for the game. Familiar faces and character form previous installments also make a return to the game.

The most recent addition to the game’s roster is Akuma, from the “Street Fighter” franchise, who was added as part of the “Tekken 7: Fated Retribution” expansion pack for the arcades. Akuma enters the “Tekken” storyline not only as an additional character, but he was also introduced in a canonical way, making him now really a part of the “Tekken” universe.

“Tekken 7” for the PlayStation 4 is currently under development by the Tekken Team at BANDAI NAMCO. No release window is available as of the moment. The game was also announced to have support for the upcoming PlayStation virtual reality (VR) headset, joining the growing number of VR games that would be available for the system once it launches this October. However, the game was not tipped to be coming in as part of the launch titles for the VR headset.