'Tekken 7' release date, gameplay: unique battle system, Akuma to play pivotal role


While the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is already done, some game announcements still linger. One of the most memorable presentations involved unveiling of the new trailer for “Tekken 7.” The newest iteration of the fighting game will feature a new kind of fighting mode for the characters, and Akuma from “Street Fighter” will also play a vital role in the video game.

The “Tekken” franchise continues to be one of the most popular fighting games to have come across the generations of consoles. The trailer that was shown during E3 2016 did not seem to disappoint the fans of the game. The trailer showed a scene of Akuma taunting Heihachi to battle him. It started out as a cut scene then it smoothly transitioned to a real battle of “Tekken.”

The game is said to be more interactive while the characters are battling it out. There will be cut scenes when combos are made. Rather than just showing the characters punching and kicking each other, the fighters will also now have the ability to talk during battle. Furthermore, there will also be new moves that will be added to the characters including the Rage mode attacks where characters can deliver a fatal finishing blow once their opponent is about to die.

Akuma will be one the new characters that will be featured in the roster. He will also play a key role in the narrative of the game. It is said in the reports that the developers were able to capture the exact characteristics of Akuma. Specifically, the mannerisms of the character are exactly as what can be seen in the “Street Fighter” video games.

Akuma’s addition to the game could be due to Bandai Namco and Capcom’s project called “Tekken x Street Fighter.” The two popular game franchises were supposed to have a crossover game but now, it is unsure if the game will still be developed or it will just be stuck in development limbo. So, Akuma may actually be a gift from creators of “Tekken” to the fans who wanted the crossover to come to life.

“Tekken 7” is anticipated to be released by early 2017 exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

Watch the trailer below: