'Tekken 7' release date, news: Two new characters unveiled


BANDAI NAMCO recently released two new trailers revealing two new characters that will be added to the growing roster of playable characters for “Tekken 7.” Fans are exhilarated to see the new characters since they will surely add more to the gaming experience of the popular fighting game.

The official announcement was made during Evolution Championship Series (EVO) held last weekend. Game director Katsuhiro Harada introduced the two new characters Bob and Master Raven.

Fans may already be familiar with Bob since he debuted in “Tekken 6” and made an appearance in “Tekken Tag Tournament 2.” The character is still using Freestyle Karate as his choice of fighting style. The character may appear fat, but he is very fast with his attacks. The character also has a new look with a white shirt tucked inside his distressed jeans which is also paired with a floral Hawaiian shirt.

The other character, Master Raven, is a female that sports a very unique costume. Fans might find her familiar as she appears to have similarities with Raven from “Tekken 5.” Although it is still unknown how the two characters are connected to each other, they have the same skin color and fighting style. Her fighting style may be similar to a ninja since she can disappear then surprise her opponents with a sneak attack. Based on the trailer, Master Raven is seen equipped with a sword that helps her while in combat.

Bob and Master Raven join classic characters from the “Tekken” franchise who are returning for “Tekken 7.” The list of returning fighters include Paul Phoenix, Nina Williams and King. There are already a lot of enhancements that are incorporated within the game such as short cut scenes that occur during combat.

“Tekken 7” is set to be released in early 2017.