'Tekken 7' release date: PC, Xbox One versions rumored


Rumors suggest that the long awaited home version of “Tekken 7” might come to the Xbox One console as well as to the PC, in addition to its already confirmed release for the PlayStation 4 platform.

Fans have been waiting for more than a year already for “Tekken 7” to arrive to home consoles. Bandai Namco originally released the game in March last year to the arcade platform in Japan.

Bandai Namco announced last October that the game will also be available to other platforms aside from arcade machines, which most people took to mean that it will be released solely for the PlayStation 4 based on the franchise’s traditional exclusivity to the platform. However, Bandai Namco specifically used the less exclusive phrase “home systems” which suggested that a release outside of the PlayStation 4 was either possible or intended by the company.

Now, those speculations have turned into rumors following claims on social media about Bandai Namco representatives supposedly stating that “Tekken 7” will indeed come to other platforms. Twitter user j.va posted recently, claiming that a representative from Bandai Namco told them about the Xbox One and PC versions of the game: “Namco rep just said Xbone and PC versions of Tekken 7 are also happening. @TronKnotts @destructoid.”

Another Twitter user by the name of YellowMotion backed up j.va’s post, clarifying that the Bandai Namco representative gave out the information at the MCM Comic Con in London. “Its Namco rep from MCMComicCon London. So yes TEKKEN7 for PC and XB1 I believe it too. E3 is just two weeks away!” said YellowMotion’s post.

More evidence of the game coming to platforms aside from its traditional Sony home exist in the form of players claiming to see pre-order materials for “Tekken 7” labeled with the Xbox One label at various EB Games outlets. The official EB Games website even already has a placeholder for the “Tekken 7” Xbox One version listed, currently saying “TBC 2016.”

At any rate, this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is barely two weeks away. As one of the biggest events in the gaming industry, any further news about the home versions of “Tekken 7” might come there.