'Tekken 7' roster news: Jun Kazama not included?


“Tekken” fans have been waiting for more characters to be added to the upcoming “Tekken 7” roster after director Katsuhiro Harada announced two new characters for the game at the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) last month. Among the fighters who are expected to be in the game is Jun Kazama, the innocent-looking, headband-wearing character who turns out to be an exceptional fighter.

Last Tuesday, Harada was asked by a fan on Twitter if he will consider adding Jun Kazama to “Tekken 7.” The game director replied and said that he and the rest of BANDAI NAMCO could not get a response from the audiences during her turn in “Tekken Tag Tournament 2.”

Jun was introduced in “Tekken 2” and was impregnated by Kazuya Mishima, which resulted in the birth of Jin. She is said to have died after an ogre attacked the participants of the second tournament, but due to fans’ insistence to bring back the character, Jun made her comeback in “Tekken Tag Tournament 2.”

It’s possible that if fans call for the character’s return, then Harada and BANDAI NAMCO might consider adding the character to “Tekken 7.” According to Tekkenpedia, prior to the release of “TAG 2,” Harada stated that if he had enough followers and people who tweeted to bring Jun back, he would do so. It’s likely that the game director might include the character in the upcoming game if gamers rally behind the idea of her inclusion once more.

A few minutes after Harada’s tweet, another fan suggested that perhaps he could add Jun “as a $90 DLC [downloadable content],” but the game director did not seem to consider it.

“Nah, you guys don’t pay for that,” said Harada on the microblogging site. “Also Don’t buy 2 copies.” Harada added that he and BANDAI NAMCO will keep fans updated and that the roster “is secret.”

“Tekken 7” will be released in 2017 on the PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.