'Tekken 7' news: Development team reveals changes in graphics, 'Street Fighter' Akuma will be the only character crossing over


Since the release of the widely popular fighting game “Tekken 7: Fated Retribution” to arcades around the world, talks about the console version have been cirulating online. Recently, some members of the team behind its development finally gave some information on the current state of the sequel.

Talking to Playstation Lifestyle during Jump Festa 2016, senior game designer Michael Murray and visual design manager Kousuke Waki revealed what is in store for the players.

Murray discloed that Bandai Namco’s “Street Fighter” character Akuma seems to be the only one crossing over to “Tekken 7.” “And as far as more charters goes, right now, Akuma is the only one we have planned. Harada [Game Producer Katsuhiro Harada] and I have always been against guest characters because it kinda throws off the Tekken world and setting,” he said.

“But Akuma fits the bill, and we wanted to tie him into the story so that the crossover is not some cheesy gimmick. The feedback is really positive. But no plans at the moment for additional crossovers, though we are open to the possibility in the future,” he added.

When it comes to the other elements that can be expected, Waki said that other playable characters such as Lars has been updated and there will be introduction of new costumes and other smaller changes.

He also shared that with the utilization of Unreal Engine 4, the visual department made it a point that there will be subtle upgrades to how the environment looks and how the effects have been post-processed.

Longtime fans of the franchise need not to worry that a new engine will be used as they are only for the graphics and design, Murray said that “underlying scripting that handles the game itself is still our internal architecture, so that kind of stuff was very familiar to work with.”

In a separate interview with Wired, he also clarified what it means when they said that “Tekken 7” will have a support for Sony’s Playstation Virtual Reality handset, “You want to see the cool characters, the cute female characters like Lucky Chloe, and we have all kinds of customization for them and they have all these cool techniques that are motion captured…. Something that would allow people to enjoy the game in that aspect maybe is about all we can say.”

It still remains to be seen when the console version of “Tekken 7” for Playstation 4 and Xbox One will hit the market.