'Tekken 7' release date details out during EVO 2016?


“King of Iron Fist” wannabes continue their agonizing wait for the upcoming release of “Tekken 7” on consoles, despite Bandai Namco not announcing anything.

More than a year has passed already since “Tekken 7” hit arcade machines in Japan, and fans are only getting even more antsy as the calendar inches towards the latter half of 2016. That is because the latter half of the year brings July and with the month comes the annual Evolution Championship Series (EVO).

EVO is a yearly esports event, dating back to 2002, focusing on fighting games. As among the top franchises in the genre, “Tekken” is a constant exhibit in the competition. As such, many speculate that there could be an important announcement about the console version there.

It was October last year when Destructoid reported that Bandai Namco would be bringing “Tekken 7” to the consoles after initially launching the arcade versions in March. “Tekken” veterans know that the game has always been made available on the PlayStation platform, so it was assumed that a console version would land on the PlayStation 4.

However, Bandai Namco’s announcement used the general term “home systems,” implying that “Tekken 7” might also be coming to the Xbox One.

Since then, things have been quiet on the console version of “Tekken 7.” The announcement of an updated version, “Tekken 7: Fated Retribution,” came and went, but there is still no word on when exactly the console release will come.

When asked on Twitter if there would be any information about the game at the PlayStation Experience, Bandai Namco director Katsuhiro Harada said that that there would none.

In April, Harada revealed in an interview with GameSpot that “Tekken X Street Fighter” was put on the backburner. According to Harada, that was to keep the “Tekken 7” core community intact.

Many also speculated that “Tekken X Street Fighter” was temporarily shelved so Harada could focus on developing “Tekken 7.” In the October announcement, Harada said, “When the game makes the leap from arcades to console, it will be the most complete and enhanced version up to date. We also have special content in the works that’s sure to please PlayStation fans.”

Some speculate that “special content” could be a virtual reality (VR) function for the game or that “Tekken 7: Fated Retribution” will be integrated into the console version.

If true, then fans might be able to get an inkling of what “Tekken 7” for the consoles might be during EVO 2016. Set for July 15-17 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center and the Las Vegas Event Convention Center, the event is rumored to allow people to test out “Tekken: Fated Retribution.”