Tekken 7 news: major announcement Bandai Namco to make on July 7


Tekken fans should brace themselves for a major announcement from its developer next week.

According to the Tech Times, Bandai Namco posted in its Twitter account that there will be a major announcement for the Tekken project on Tuesday next week, July 7.

“On Tuesday, July 7, 2015, there will be a major announcement from the Tekken project, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Please look forward to it. #Tekken7,” a translation of the post at Gematsu stated.

The community is split in opinion as to what the announcement might be.

The Christian Post said that there are speculations that the company will officially announce the much-awaited release date of the console version of the latest title in the franchise, “Tekken 7.”

CP noted that fans have been waiting for the console version of “Tekken 7” since the worldwide release of the game in arcades in March this year, following a limited arcade release in Japan in February.

The Tech Times, on the other hand, reported that other parties believe that Namco will be announcing a new character for the Tekken 7 game.

Namco had announced new characters for the game for the past few months since the release of the arcade, Tech Times noted.

CP, however, described the announcement as centering on a new character as “less possible” because Namco has not been seen to hype up announcements for a new playable character for its games.

An article at Yibada even speculated that the unannounced console versions of Tekken 7 will include four new characters and is expected to be launched during this year’s EVO tournament in Las Vegas, which takes place from July 17 to July 19.

Tech Times also added that there are other parties that believe the announcement will be about an upcoming “Tekken vs Street Fighter” sequel.

The fighting game franchise, which first began with Tekken in 1994 for the PlayStation, is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary. The latest title, Tekken 7 for the arcades, was announced in last year’s EVO tournament.