'Tekken 7: Fated Retribution' news: Arcade version out by July 2016, but no date for PS4 yet


The popular fighting game series “Tekken” added its ninth installment to the series, “Tekken 7” which was released in Japanese and Korean arcades in 2015. The hugely popular game is getting an update called “Fated Retribution” which is set to be released in arcades by July 2016. According to a report in N4BB, this same update will be the basis for a PS4 port of the game which has yet to get a release date. Rumors are pointing to a late 2016 or early 2017 release for the PS4 version.

“Fated Retribution” is an update that will bring a crossover character from another fighting game franchise “Street Fighter,” a new fighter Nina Williams and changes and tweaks in the game’s Rage System. According to the report, Akuma of Street Fighter will be joining “Tekken 7: Fated Retribution” and he will be bringing along his EX meter and some of his special fighting moves such as the Raging Demon.

The update is also introducing tweaks to the game’s Rage System. This time around, the system will give players an additional chance at winning if their health falls below a certain level. Once their health reaches that stage, the player then has access to Rage Arts and a Rage Attack which they can use to win and survive. This new system is shown in a special gameplay trailer that was released.

Another gameplay video also shows how Akuma can be defeated by another fighter like Dragunov. During the 2016 Japan Amusement Expo, some Tekken players got a chance to face off Dragunov and Akuma.

Earlier rumors about the game’s PS4 version getting Virtual Reality support for gameplay are said to be untrue. According to the N4BB report, VR will only allow players to view and customize their characters from a third-person view, and not during fights from a first-person view.

According to a Yibada report, Bandai Namco is planning to re-introduce game modes from the past such as the “Tekken Bowl.” Another game mode will also feature the Mishima clan.