'Teen Wolf' spoilers: New romantic relationships inject some light into a darker plot


The return of MTV’s hit supernatural series “Teen Wolf” is only more than a month away, and information regarding the latter parts of the fifth season are circulating online courtesy of some members of the cast and crew.

According to Australia Network News, executive producer Jeff Davis shared that although he can divulge specific details, viewers may see new villains alongside the formation of new romantic relationships for some of the characters. The big bad coming to wreak havoc in Beacon Hills reportedly include Desert Wolf, the Beast, and the Dread Doctors.

Davis also told Entertainment Weekly previously that it will be interesting to continue Theo’s narrative, played by Cody Christian, as it has been revealed that he has another identity as a Chimera which allows him to transform into a werewolf or a so-called “werecoyote.” Being a hybrid makes Theo a very dangerous character to watch for as he crosses paths with Marisol Nichols’ Desert Wolf.

When it comes to relationships, the showrunner also said that Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles and Shelley Hennig’s Malia have to deal with their dark sides when the show comes back. “Malia has her own dark side to deal with in the fact that she’s going to break Scott’s rules which is that we don’t kill people or at least we don’t murder people, because she’s very determined to murder her mother,” he said.

However, a romance is still possible between them. “The relationships are very much on our mind every day because we love romance at ‘Teen Wolf,’ and it’s always interesting when they break up, they get back together and seeing the different variations on that and creating these kind of tragic romances,” Davis added.

MTV has released the official trailer for season 5B in preparation for its premiere on January 5, 2016.