'Teen Wolf' season 6 spoilers: Tyler Posey shares will happen


The hit MTV series “Teen Wolf,” is on its way to the small screens again. There are new details that have surfaced online for the upcoming sixth season.

For the loyal viewers, they know that the main character of the show, Scott McCall, is about to finish his journey in high school. Yet, the actor who is playing the main character, Tyler Posey, has mentioned on Twitter that this is not yet the end for him and his adventure in Beacon Hills.

In addition, Posey is exerting more effort in the project. The actor is not only doing acting during the production, he is also getting involved in the production side of “Teen Wolf.” Posey is also giving a shot at directing during the upcoming season.

In the sixth season of the series, the characters of the show will deal with a Nazi Werewolf as the main antagonist. There will be other supernatural forces as well that the protagonists will handle during their senior year.

The showrunner, Jeff Davis, also shared in an interview with Hypable that the early parts of season six will focus on the friendship between Stilea and Scott. There will be some changes that will be considered big during this season. A time-jump will also be present that is three months long from where the show left off last season. At around this time, Scott and his companions will be in the second semester of their last year in high school.

Fans can also expect a new character this season which will play the role of a teacher. The recurring role will be played by Pete Plozesk and the name of his character will be Garret Douglas.

Season 6 of “Teen Wolf” has no confirmed premiere date, but it will return to the small screen this year with 20 episodes.