'Teen Wolf' season 6 spoilers, rumors: new villains, death of a character highlight upcoming season


After a long run that started in 2011, MTV’s “Teen Wolf” is ending after the upcoming sixth season, but it doesn’t mean fans no longer have something to look forward to in the American television series’ final offering. And with so many speculations and rumors surrounding season 6, it’s easy to arrive at the conclusion that the series will be ending with a bang.

One of the most recent spoilers for season 6 of “Teen Wolf” came from Holland Roden, who plays the role of Lydia. She said in a recent interview with Hollywood Life that there will be a “major loss” in the upcoming season, which everyone will have to accept no matter how difficult and devastating it is. She added that it will be a highly emotional season, probably the “most emotional” for the entire series. Unfortunately, she could not go into detail as to who might be going right before the end of the season and the show.

As for the other storyline of season 6 of “Teen Wolf,” Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) will no longer be at risk from supernatural beings and happenings. However, he will continue to be pressed with issues and this time, it will be about several people disappearing in the neighborhood.

MTV has so far provided three promotional videos and teasers for the upcoming season, with the main focus on how the teen wolves came to grow and mature to the beings they are right now. But the more interesting content of the teasers is the unveiling of two new villains; first, the Ghost Riders, and second, the Wild Hunt legend.

Now going back to the revelation that one character might be making his exit, there’s a strong possibility that it will be Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien), since one of the teasers talked about the disappearance of the character, although there is no further information that will tell if he dies or simply disappears without a trace.

Season 6 of “Teen Wolf” premieres on Nov. 15 on MTV.