'Teen Wolf' season 6 cast rumors: Harry Styles to join series as a vampire? Tyler Hoechlin to return?


The sixth season of “Teen Wolf” is being anticipated by a lot of fans ever since its fifth season ended. There are a lot of rumors suggesting that there will be a new actor that will be added to the cast, and an actor from the previous seasons may be returning as well.

The past season of “Teen Wolf” has made the world of Beacon Hills vaster by adding new monsters and opponents for Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) to face. Jeff Davis, the showrunner, has already confirmed that the new season will give off a different vibe compared to the past season. Furthermore, it would be more eerie and creepy since the sixth season may have a ghost story structure.

Recently, rumors of Harry Styles’ casting have been abundant. Some reports even state that he has already been casted in the upcoming season. If his casting is indeed proven to be true, fans are speculating that he may be a vampire, given his fitting look and appearance, and that he will go against the werewolves. Although Styles as a vampire may be an exciting addition to the story arc of the sixth season, his role is still yet to be confirmed.

Other news reports also suggested the return of familiar character in the upcoming season. Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) was rumored to once again return to Beacon Hills. However, based on the latestreports, it does not seem like the actor will reprise his role.

During a recent appearance at Sydney’s Supernova convention, as reported by Hypable, the actor mentioned that one thing he did not really like about is character is that Derek was really serious all the time. He had a hard time injecting some humor into the character also.

On the possibility of returning to “Teen Wolf,” he said, “I don’t have any plans to right now. I kind of feel like where we left the character… kind of wrapped it up in the passing of the baton on to Scott, is just kind of how I felt like that story ended.”

Moreover, Hoechlin has just been recently cast as Superman/Clark Kent in The CW’s “Supergirl.”

It is speculated that the sixth season of “Teen Wolf” will premiere sometime in November 2016. However, MTV has yet to confirm this.