'Teen Wolf' season 6 news, spoilers: Showrunner reveals new villains, Theo's return, and Kira's fate


The fifth season of MTV’s popular supernatural teen action-drama “Teen Wolf” ended with “Apotheosis” on Tuesday, March 8.

In the season 5 finale, Scott (Tyler Posey) and his friends finally got rid of the Beast, Theo (Cody Christian) was dragged into the Underworld by his sister, and Lydia (Holland Roden) saved Mason (Khylin Rhambo). But though the episode neatly tied up a lot of storylines, it also left a huge new cliffhanger: a new villain, a Nazi werewolf, prowls Beacon Hills in season 6.

While fans will have to wait until later this year for the next season to air, showrunner Jeff Davis has dropped some major season 6 spoilers to tide them over until “Teen Wolf” returns to the small screen.

In an interview with TVLine, Davis talked about the new season 6 villain, saying, “I can absolutely confirm that the soldier has left the machine and will be a part of Season 6, a threat.”

But the Nazi werewolf won’t be the only villain in season 6, Davis revealed to Entertainment Weekly.

Could the other villain be Theo? Is he really dead or did he somehow survive?

As the “Teen Wolf” boss told TVLine: “I will say that we really like Cody Christian. We wanted to make sure we didn’t kill him, so we could possibly bring him back.”

Davis also revealed that the relationship between Lydia and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) will be further explored and will even be a focal point of season 6. “Something big happens in the very first episode of Season 6 between Stiles and Lydia, which you’ll have to tune in to see,” he teased.

In addition, Davis also clarified that the Japanese fox spirit Kira (Arden Cho) has not changed into a Skinwalker. Rather, “she is going to be with the Skinwalkers for a while learning to control the fox spirit,” he told EW.

The sixth season of “Teen Wolf” is expected to air later this year.