'Teen Wolf' season 6 news: Melissa Ponzio teases possible twist, show adds four characters


MTV’s supernatural series “Teen Wolf” is currently under production for season 6, and one of the cast members teased that there will be a twist expected in the narrative.

Star Melissa Ponzio who portrays Mama McCall took it to her Twitter to share that, “Oooooooh if set walls could talk, the #TeenWolf set would be asking “Did You Hear THAT?!?!” about tonight’s scenes.” Although she did not elaborate on the details, a photo she posted on Instagram seemingly hints of the undisclosed exciting scenes that will take place in episode 8.

When the show returns to the small screens, series creator Jeff Davis previously revealed that there will be a new mythology for the plot that involves Nazi werewolves and Ghost Riders. “I love the new mythology we’ve come up for this season. It reinvents the show in a way that we hope is satisfying to the audience,” he said to Teen Wolf News.

“If last season was a ‘Monster Movie’ this season will be more of a psychological thriller, more of a ghost story actually. It’s definitely a challenging season, having to rush back into production, working around actor schedules and trying to keep things fresh after eighty episodes. But we’re still excited by the stories and the relationships. And we’re still trying to scare the hell out of the audience,” he added.

Aside from new creatures coming to Beacon Hills, there will also be new faces coming to town with some of them joining Scott McCall’s (Tyler Posey) wolf pack. The newcomers include Nathan (Ross Butler), a lacrosse player who doesn’t believe in the supernatural; Garrett Douglas (Pete Ploszek), a handsome and charming teacher whose everyone has a crush on; Jayden (Gabrielle Elyse), a new student with yet to be disclosed details; and Gwen (Alisha Hienvich) whose character remans a mystery.

The addition of the four new personas follows Arden Cho’s announcement that she will not be returning to the series to reprise her role as Kira Yukimura.

Schedule of the premiere of season 6 of “Teen Wolf” is yet to be revealed by MTV.