'Teen Wolf' season 6 premiere spoilers: Ghost Riders coming to Beacon Hills


“Teen Wolf” seems to be spoiling their fans with a plethora of new information enough to hype up the anticipation for the show’s sixth installment. Following the confirmation that Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles will be back with the pack, creator Jeff Davis has finally revealed the brand-new mythology that will come into play next season.

As it turns out, the Ghost Riders are coming to Beacon Hills and it will be up to Scott (Tyler Posey) and his group to make sure that they do not wreak as much havoc as they hope to do.

“The idea is that the Wild Hunt passes through your town and if you see the Ghost Riders, they’ll take you with them and make you part of the hunt,” Davis told Entertainment Weekly in an exclusive conversation with regard to the show’s newest villains. “They pick up the dead as well. They serve different mythological functions, but for us, they bring a lot of danger to Beacon Hills when this storm of Ghost Riders gets stuck.”

What is interesting with the Ghost Riders would be their lack of personal motivation to dominate. Instead, they are just basically stuck in a place where they do not even want to be in in the first place. Posey provided supplementary information, giving an idea of how these brand-new creatures will change the dynamic in Beacon Hills.

“The Ghost Riders have this power that nobody else has ever had on the show before and we’ve never showcased it. They’re in Beacon Hills for a certain reason, not because they want to be, so all of the bad stuff that they’re doing to the town is kind of just a consequence of them being there when they don’t want to be,” the 24-year-old actor explained.

The Ghost Riders may be the less bloody out of all the bad guys that have arrived in the small town but that does not mean that everyone can relax in their presence. Scott and the rest of his pack should actually be more vigilant as the creatures are less predictable and difficult to understand.

Meanwhile, fans can learn more about “Teen Wolf” season 6 via the show’s San Diego Comic-Con 2016 appearance happening this week. Some notable cast and crew are tipped to be in attendance with a question and answer session hosted by Entertainment Weekly’s Samantha Highfill. The panel for the show will take place in Ballroom 20 of the San Diego Convention Center this Thursday, July 21 at 4:30 p.m. PT.