'Teen Wolf' season 6 cast: Will injured Dylan O'Brien appear?


Supernatural drama “Teen Wolf” dropped the curtains for their fifth installment with still a lot hanging in the balance. While the show may have done this deliberately, series star Dylan O’Brien’s freak accident earlier this year was an unfortunate surprise and will most likely have a narrative impact on the show’s sixth season.

The 24-year-old actor who plays Stiles in the drama suffered multiple injuries while filming his latest flick, “Maze Runner: The Death Cure.” While his injuries are not life threatening, they were severe enough to have pushed back the production of the said movie. According to the actor’s publicist, O’Brien will need more time to recuperate. Now, his fans are wondering whether this will also have an effect on “Teen Wolf” season 6’s production.

Both MTV and series creator Jeff Davis have yet to comment on the matter and fans would have to wait for an official word to know whether Stiles will join the pack in the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, amidst the uncertainty of O’Brien’s participation, avid viewers may still have a bigger reason to stay tuned to the show when it comes back later this year. In a sit down with fan site Beacon Hills, Davis shared that season 6 will tackle on a different mythology with a modern-day twist.

“It reinvents the show in a way that we hope is satisfying to the audience. If last season was a ‘Monster Movie’ this season will be more of a psychological thriller, more of a ghost story actually,” the series creator teased.

The 40-year-old show executive also briefly touched on the subject of coordinating schedules for his busy pack as the actors coming back for season 6 have separate schedules on their own.

“It’s definitely a challenging season, having to rush back into production, working around actor schedules and trying to keep things fresh after eighty episodes. But we’re still excited by the stories and the relationships. And we’re still trying to scare the hell out of the audience,” he explained.

No specific air date for “Teen Wolf” season 6 has been announced.