'Teen Wolf' season 5b news: Showrunner, Linden Ashby hype fans on the 'Beast'


MTV’s “Teen Wolf” came back with “The Last Chimera” last week, and fans are already anticipating the coming of the newest villain, the Beast.

The mysterious character was teased by the show’s producer Jeff Davis during a round up with Entertainment Weekly saying that it is formed by shadow. He added, “The chimera that’s inside it is sort of surrounded by it. The person we don’t know whether it’s a he or she yet doesn’t necessarily transform like Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk. It’s actually more just shadows and darkness take shape around that person.”

The hype is furthered by Linden Ashby who plays Sheriff Stilinski saying that where the story of the show will go is “phenomenal” and he is incredibly excited to film season 6. Furthermore, the 55-year-old actor also teased about Scott (Tyler Posey) and his squad going up against some frightening things.

“It’s really dealing with scary, scary stuff, but not necessarily monster scary stuff. Very kind of adult themes are being explored in season 6. [It’s] complex. And I’m just sitting here with a big grin on my face because it’s just going to be f****** good.”

If that is not enough to get fans more hooked up on the show, news of its main star, Tyler Posey, directing an upcoming episode might just do the trick. When asked about this, Ashby has nothing but good things to say about his young co-star and that everyone will support his endeavor.

“I think he’ll be good at it. It’s family, man. We all want each other to succeed. We’ve got his back. He’s got a good support system in place.”

Posey said that he is ready when that time comes even sharing that he just have that eye in directing and have a lot of knowledge of the work ahead of him.

“Teen Wolf” season 5 continues every Tuesday on MTV.