Teen wolf season 5: Tyler Posey hints that Scott and Stiles friendship may be tested; says new villain is a returning character


With few episodes already in for season five, troubles may already be brewing between some senior students of Beacon Hill in MTV’s supernatural thriller show, “Teen Wolf.”

Viewers have seen that the wolf pack made a new friend in the character of Theo, portrayed by Cody Christian. With some mysteries surrounding Theo’s backstory, Scott and Stile’s bromance may be put into test as they seem to be on the opposite ends when it comes to dealing with him.

Series creator Jeff Davis told E! Online that during their last year in high school, the tie between the two will be tested and it “can bend without breaking, but it might just break.” With the introduction of Theo, this seems to come into fruition early on.

Moreover, Tyler Posey who plays the true-alpha Scott, also shares some hints on possible misunderstanding between the two best friends. On a separate interview, Posey said that things will only get more complicated and there might be some tears included.

When it comes to the new villain making havoc with the members of the pack, Holland Roden as Lydia mentioned that it will look eerie, “There’s one particular prosthetic that they use this season that is on somebody’s face and it’s not really that monstrous; it’s just more eerie,” she said.

Posey also revealed that the show followers have already met the villain suggesting that the new or technically, old character is making a comeback in a different form.

Meanwhile Davis teased that with the challenges pose by the villain, all characters maybe facing great danger, “I think fans should be worried about everyone. Fans should be worried about the pack and whether or not they can survive this season.”

He added that Lydia may end up in a “very bad place” at the end of the season, “What Lydia realizes this season is that she’s not quite the fighter that her friends are and she gets tired of it and she wants to learn how to fight and protect herself, and that leads her to a path whether she wants to master her power and learn new powers as well. She’s going to learn it from different sources, different skills from different sources,” he said to E! News.

Episode three entitled “Dreamcatchers” airs on Monday, July 6 with official synopsis that reads, “Scott tracks a new shapeshifter that’s threatening Stilinski. Malia receives information about her mother.”