'Teen Wolf' season 5 spoilers: MTV to hold special season 5A screening in NY, LA and Chicago


In preparation for the return of hit supernatural series “Teen Wolf” for the second half of season 5, MTV will have a special screening of the first few episodes in several locations including New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

The event dubbed as “Red Eyes Marathon” will show the season’s 10 episodes on the big screen and will be attended by some special guests. There will also be sneak peeks and free items. Interested parties have to RSVP at Event Brite depending on whether they live in or close to NY at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Yonkers; LA at Ahrya Fine Arts by Laemmie, Beverly Hills; or CHI at Pickwick Theatre, Park Ridge.

The three screenings will happen simultaneously on Dec. 29, starting at 6 P.M. up to 3 A.M. It is advised that fans who are under 13 years of age have to be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the mid-season premiere, the narrative is speculated to focus on the relationship between Stiles and Malia, portrayed by Dylan O’ Brien and Shelley Hennig, respectively.

Executive producer Jeff Davis previously teased that more romantic connections will be shown on episode 11 as the two experience more challenges. “It’s always interesting when they break up, they get back together and seeing the different variations on that and creating these kind of tragic romances,” he said.

On the other hand, there are interesting rumors circulating online that lead star Tyler Posey’s character may become the villain.

Although viewers have seen that he was able to get past the struggles when there were changes in his body, his assumed upcoming face-off with Beast may result to his transformation in his strongest and most powerful state yet.

Gideon Emory as Deucalion may also be back for a short appearance to lend a hand to Scott. He was portrayed as season 3’s villain, but he may reprise his role as one of the good guys in the next installment.

“Teen Wolf’s” season 5B is slated to air on Jan. 5, 2016.