Teen Wolf season 5 episode 8 recap: Theo saves the day; Kira skips town; Desert Wolf threatens Malia


It seems that being the Alpha is finally taking its toll on Scott.

In this week’s episode of Teen Wolf, the pack set out to rescue Liam and Hayden who were kidnapped in Episode 7 but things weren’t looking so good for the team as Scott, in his single minded intent to save the captives, showed very unleader-like characteristics and brash behavior by tapping into Corey’s memories, unmindful of whether he hurts the chimera.

His rashness also compelled him to act on the first piece of information he got, heading straight for the water treatment plant where his efforts to track the two were hampered by the strong smell of chemicals. As he is gripped by an asthma attack, he blames himself.

Still, at the end of the night, it was Theo who saved the day as his patience in jogging Corey’s memories earned him more information to finally find where Hayley and Liam were being kept by the Dread Doctors. Unfortunately, while the two have been saved, Zack, the other chimera whose wings were torn off by the Dread Doctors was not as fortunate.

His failed rescue bid plays on Scott as he repeatedly blamed himself for what happened, reported IBTimes.

Meanwhile, Kira skips town as she fears hurting the people she cares about in case she foxes out. She also triggers a memory of the Dread Doctors pulling her from her parents’ car and sticking something in her eye which made her glow. She was almost arrested for murder in the episode, TVLine reported.

Also, the much awaited appearance of Malia’s mother, the Desert Wolf finally happened but she came with an ominous message for her daughter.

“If she is still alive, I’m just going to have to kill her again,” she said.